The Doors are Open for the Summer Sprint!

Join Today - Doors Close 16th July 2024

When you join the Better Bolder Braver community, you’re becoming part of a vibrant and supportive coaching family. It’s a space to connect, collaborate and grow as a business owner and as a person.

You’ll be guided through a marketing process we’ve designed called the Coach’s Marketing Journey, specifically designed for coaches to meet others with similar challenges who are also on a marketing journey. 

You will:

  • Learn how to do good marketing that builds your business, feels good and is sustainable.

  • Have access to regular events, focused workshops and a comprehensive course to follow

  • Get 121 and group support, emergent accountability and buddying-up opportunities.

  • Be encouraged to ask questions, share stories and cheer each other on. 

  • Feel supported, seen, heard and inspired and motivated.

  • Become clear about what you offer and how to price it. 

  • Gain confidence about your ideal customer and how to refine your niche.

  • Be better equipped to have meaningful conversations as opposed to chasing conversions.

  • Have fun and not feel you have to take it all so seriously.

… It’s a place to make great new connections and partnerships and feel like you are not alone.


Community member Gemma shares how before she joined she thought she might not have time for it all and quickly realised that the way the sessions and community is structured you really have time autonomy and also support whenever you're ready for it.

"I'm finding people who are feeling the same struggles and we're supporting each other and having a laugh and having a bit of fun with it as well."

It’s different because we approach marketing as you approach coaching.

We invite you to look at, and experience, your marketing from a different perspective - to approach it with a much more nourishing and self-compassionate energy and enjoy the journey in great company as opposed to going it alone.

It’s more than just training and it’s far better than a Facebook group… This is a place for passionate coaches who are growing their businesses, want to make a difference and don’t want to burn out.

What will you get from membership?

Clarity, structure and balance…

We host a weekly Tools & Techniques session dedicated to specific marketing topics to which you can bring questions, challenges and ideas. The aim of these sessions is to make you feel excited about what you could be doing, not bad about what you're not doing. These are all recorded and all past sessions are immediately available to all members.

A space to be held, to talk and reflect

You are also invited to attend our weekly Reflection & Confidence sessions, where we hold space for coaches to gather and reflect on the feelings that arise from doing marketing. We frame sessions so that you are able to move forward from them with better clarity, self-compassion and a sense of levity.

New connections and collaborations

All too often it feels like you're on your own as a coach. You don't have to go it alone. The community is made up of like-minded coaches just like you. We have gathered together to connect and collaborate and work on ourselves and our marketing together. Our members work through the Coach’s Marketing Journey course material and often join forces for accountability and inspiration. There’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie and support.

Coaching-specific marketing conversations

Within the community, there is a dedicated space to discuss, ask questions and share ideas about how best to market your coaching business. We will encourage you to think beyond the ‘tactics’ and ‘hacks’ and to build on using your coaching practice to create authentic marketing content and conversations.

The conversations we have fall under the following categories:

  • Mindset

  • Finding new coaching clients

  • Putting yourself out there

  • Creating your coaching product

  • Creating engaging content

  • Client journey

  • How it's all feeling

  • Announcements

  • Learning

  • Coaching products - how to build, price and market them

  • Cheerleading each other

What do our members say?


Community member Ellie explains how joining the community was the best decision she's ever made for her business. 

"It's like having work colleagues, but better, being part of this community because everybody has a shared value, a shared kind of goal and purpose"


Community member Kieran explains how the journey he has been on since joining the community has taken him to a place of clarity and purpose that he could not have foreseen even six months ago. 

"I have tried many different things in the last three years since deciding, to work for myself, and since coming away from working for an agency, and none of them has given me the quality of the connection or the frankly insane value for money that Better Bolder Braver offers."

Let’s go on this journey together - Try our community membership free for 14 days

We’re inviting you in to take a look around our community just for coaches FREE for 14 days. There is no long-term commitment, your membership is month to month. If you decide membership is not for you before your trial ends you can cancel at any time with no charge. 

During the trial, you can attend all our events, watch all of the community session replays, meet and work alongside other like-minded members, access all our informative content, work through exercises and be guided all along the way.